Child Molesters

Laura Bailey Arrested For Sex With a Teenager

Police in Round Lake Beach, Illinois started investigating 47-Year-Old resident Laura A. Bailey after allegations were brought to their attention that the woman might be having sex with some students from one of the two Grayslake High Schools. The students they thought were involved denied all of the allegations but in the process they found […]

Kenneth Rosier Offended Again

Back at the end of May, 2008 now 25-Year-Old Kenneth Edward Rosier II of Largo, Florida was convicted of Indecent Acts With a Minor Under 16 and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in Florida while he was still in the military. He was released but he is currently out of the military and is required […]

Jeffrey Robinson Accused of Fondling a Girl

Back in early October a 15-Year-Old girl and two of her friends who were having a sleepover decided to go visit 36-Year-Old Jeffrey Robinson, owner of Olde Naples Surf Shop in Naples, FL, and his girlfriend Christy Peterson. Apparently they knew Peterson and figured it would be a cool thing to do. Robinson and Peterson […]

Updated – Debra Lafave Wants Contact With Kids

While certainly not the first educator to ever have sex with a student Debra Lafave was one of the first to be seriously prosecuted for it and ushered in the current trend of outing the small percentage of teachers who consider their profession to be entry into a dating pool. Lafave was originally arrested in […]

Samuel Hammet Should Burn in Hell

57-Year-Old Samuel Hammet from Pahrump, Nevada (a little less than 50 miles west of Vegas) has been arrested and is facing 40 charges related to allegations of molesting at least ten victims including possibly five family members. According to Nye County Deputies there may be many more victims that have not come forward yet and […]

Elizabeth Gaddy Pleads Guilty to Molesting a Student

Back in December of last year a couple of sites I frequent posted about 46-year-old Elizabeth Gaddy, the social studies teacher at Callaway Middle School who was accused of molesting a 13-year-old male student during the ’07-’08 school year. You can read more about the initial case at both sites. Basically Gaddy had oral sex […]

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