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30 responses to “Updated – Crime Blogger Sued For Posting About Rape”

  1. Anonymous

    This is absolute bullshit and borders on violating Free Speech! I support Prinnie and those like her who expose the dirty underbelly of society all the way!

    1. Smh

      I voiced my opinion about the coaches testifying and got an email from the head football coaches realative threatening my coaching job yesterday no lie prinnie has a copy of it

      1. Joey Ortega

        I’d like to see that email along with the Headers so I can trace source.

        1. Captain Obvious

          I would as well. I’ll be more than happy to put it online for you.

  2. Helltotheknow

    This is scary stuff.

  3. Cockgobblersupreme

    I hope people realize just how important this story is, and on how many levels. First, the blogger didn’t post fiction she followed the kids own timeline on twitter, instagram and youtube, kept the captures as proof in case they were deleted, which they weren’t for over a week I think. Second, a defamation lawsuit against the lawsuit that meets not one of the three criteria for a defamation case, and suing commenter names, meaning these people are supposedly going to be served too. Haha Good luck with that Shiester lawyer. Three, when did we lose the ability to publicly comment on a crime, or news story in the good ol’ USA? When did we lose our Free Speech rights? According to the dirt bag Saltsman family, when their deviant son decided to become a full blown sociopath and daddy’s construction firm was making enough money to be able to afford frivolous law suits and a lawyer desperate enough for some cash to file a suit that was only bound to make his son, and the client family famous WORLD WIDE.

    The real interest in this case is far reaching for everyone who writes, or reads a blog, or would like to voice an opinion about something they read. I hope the readers think long and hard about what this story means, and they choose to not support a corrupt little town where it’s acceptable to rape, create child porn, abuse, take an unconscious girl from one location while raping her in a car to another, because most states define that as kidnapping, but not in Stuebenville, where gang raping high school boys reign supreme and only the ugly girls go unscathed. God help them all, you live amongst monsters and probably have for generations.

    1. bsbfankaren

      Thankfully the ACLU is on the case, and I think some if not most of the cases have been dropped against the people who posted anonymously on the site. They should all be dropped in short order if the ACLU is worth their salt. This is what happens when parents have money and don’t care about the harm their children inflict on another human being. Only what happens to them!

  4. Captain Obvious
  5. Captain Obvious
  6. I got it Right

    The tweets and pictures and that the defendands and their friends uploaded tell the story. The perpetrators are always innocent beings whether through illness or just because their parents say they are good kids but misunderstood. Thank goodness, there are people like Prinnie who can speak up for the victim. Thank goodness the internet is out there to bring light to crimes even if the newspapers protect the perpetrators rather than enhance victims’ rights. Isn’t this a newsworthy story that a girl was raped and these boys through social media indicted themselves. When the boys took the stand they incriminated themselves. Doesn’t that count? Who is blind in this case?

    These boys ALL of them INCLUDING THE ONES IN COLLEGE should be tried as adults. It seems to me the fix in Steubenville was on from day one… or rape day plus one!… Shame on the Saltsmans and a lawyer who seems more bent on infamy than on truth and justice. Does this lawyer really want to make a name this bad that he plays with poopy fingers in a shit pile? Must be so. I’d be embarrassed to be this lawyer. I would be embarrassed to be James and Johna Saltsman because of the lack of morals they have imparted to their son which means their own morals are in question. I question if they have any morals period. The Saltsmans’ lack of morals in this lawsuit and their willingness and desire to have AGAIN victimized a victim of their son. Shame on the parents, shame on the children, shame on the coaches. Shame on Steubenville for trying to bury this under their football and sports fields! This is a mock of our jury system and First Amendment Rights. The only one who is right on this case is Prinnie! She should be on national TV or call into a talk show and then the shame would be all on those guilty in Steubenville. New cheer…. If anyone can bright this to justice Prinnie can wherever she may be!!! Speak up for victims’ rights. Don’t let these idiots shut you down. Their smoke will blow away and the laughing stock will be the Saltsmans and their looser of an offspring oh and their desperate attorney. I hope they spend a million bucks trying to bring this suit to court. I hope this makes Prinnie the shinning star in crime reporting forums that she is. That’s all I have to say!

  7. Superstitious

    Captain Obvious, So glad you put this on your blog. We who live in the Ohio Valley are just sick of the way crime is handled in Jefferson County. Can you believe that teachers, superintendant of schools and business owners spoke For these disgusting pigs at hearing to determine whether to try in Juvie or adult court? This is another fucking cover-up crime in Steubenville. Also, a mother came forward after this case came to light that her 14 yr. old daughter was raped in April. Nothing has been said
    about that case in 2 months. Thanks to people like Prinnie & you getting the truth out.
    How the Saltsman’s look at that picture and have the balls to sue is beyond me.

  8. noyodo


  9. Joey Ortega

    These guys did exactly what they shouldn’t. I’m not surprised that someone pulled this crap. It was predictable and makes our job so much easier. I guess no one told some of there people that you don’t bring a spotlight to a cover-up party :/

  10. the grinch

    There are a lot of people who will be happy that you blogged about this case. Great introduction of it to your readers and I would like to add an important point.

    CORRUPTION. The case was screwed from the very beginning. The prosecutor, Jane Hanlin, stated that she would recuse herself from the case because she knew the people involved and their families. That’s all fine and dandy and sounds great, but, she stayed on the case for two weeks, long enough to make immunity deals with the participants she knew. That is why there were only two arrests and that is why the witnesses can take the stand and they aren’t getting in trouble for what they testify to.

    Hanlin has no problem being unethical though as she used her position a little over a year ago to get a criminal from Steubenville probation for two counts of felonious assault during the commission of a felony. This happened in Morgantown, WV:

    Once you read everything you’ll see that the entire case was in jeopardy from the beginning. “Special Prosecutors”, a “Special Judge” and Ohio BCI were brought in to supposedly assure justice was served. What a joke. There was nothing special about any of them, they didn’t do shit but cover it up.

    Those two that were released will be tried as juveniles so that’s a slap on the wrist, maybe. No justice for the victim and her family, the rapists, the cameramen and the spectators all walk free. Disgusting. The great criminal justice system does it again!

    1. bsbfankaren

      And none of them learn that what they did was absolutely wrong, since they are getting away with it.

  11. ANONY

    If you knew anything about ALEXANDRIA GODDARD and HOLLY BRILEY then you’d understand they should be held accountable for their actions. They’ve put the lives of MANY in danger.

    1. Captain Obvious

      Lives in danger? I realize that the pen can be mightier than the sword in some cases but how about you do away with the drama and say what you have to say.

      1. Hollly

        The supporters themselves are placing lives in danger as the have now saw fit to post the addresses of both the plaintiff and the defendant. This is madness and for as much as we may hate what these boys did … its no reason to place them or Prinnie in harms way… who knows what kind of unhinged person is out there and by trying to exact revenge they could do so much damage.

        1. MURT

          I find this comment rather astonishing in that it was Holly Briley who published the name address and employer information about someone she accused of writing a certain blog and having a certain twitter account, As it turns out, the person about whom she made this accusation may be deceased,

    2. Urban Sidhe

      They wouldn’t have had anything to write about if your boys had acted like men. They put themselves in danger.

  12. Mark Corrigan

    There was clear audio on the video of the “victim” giving consent. This case was blown way out of proportion this was basically a case of boys will be boys and drunk sluts will be drunk sluts.

    1. Lois Lane

      You saw the video? Awesome! Love when creeps such as yourself admit to watching child pornography, because that is what that video is. Happy Guy Fawkes Day. May Anonymous find you and shove their foot up your ass, you fucking pervert!

    2. Urban Sidhe

      Wow. You are truly what is wrong with the world.

      She was completely inebriated meaning she can’t give consent. I believe the victim was underage (someone correct me if I am wrong), which is no different than giving her a roofie. I wish I lived in a country where rapists could be castrated. You as well sir.

      1. Hmm

        As loathe as I am to defend the OP, a more accurate analogy would be if she gave herself a roofie.* Being underage doesn’t mean that she was forced or coerced into consuming alcohol – unless you have seen evidence that she was – and the accused are also underage.

        *which still wouldn’t justify their actions.

        1. Urban Sidhe

          What I meant was that there is a point when people cannot choose to make a proper decision when drunk. When she became past that point and was provided with more to the point she was passed out, that last bit was no different than a roofie. The 18 y.o. for sure knew that she was too drunk to make any decisions.

  13. big G

    WTF, how can rapists be allowed to go home to their parents? This reeks of pure corruption. This is insane.

  14. Hollly Briley

    They are now trying to silence those of us that support Prinnie and Free Speech by reporting us!

  15. HollyB.

    Google HOLLY BRILEY. She has written vicious lies and defamed NUMEROUS individuals on the internet, William Murtaugh, Brianne Chantal and Tammy Spratt to be specific. She’s a friend of Alexandria Goddard’s.

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