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4 responses to “Facebook Predators Targeting Six-Year-Old”

  1. concerned dad

    obviously you miss the point there is a predator targeting little girls but idiots like you worry more about the girl having a facebook account. Maybe you should worry more that there is a man who is targeting little girls and focus your attention on that fact so that no child gets hur, its sad when people take the side of the predators.

    1. Urban Sidhe

      He didn’t miss the point. But he is harping on the fact that parents aren’t watching their kids and opening them up for attacks. Sick fucks who try to pick up 6 y.o. aren’t going to go away so it’s senseless to throw your kid out there like a steak to a dog. The fact that her parents were not even aware what was posted on her WALL speaks volumes. These weren’t IM’s they were wall posts.

      Letting your 6 y.o. wander around the internet without supervision is just asking for it.

    2. Captain Obvious

      Not at all and hopefully whoever posted to her wall has been dealt with now. Urban Sidhe pretty much explained it out. I’m all for killing or locking up sexual predators for good but trying to disguise bad parenting in the midst of it is pretty fucking pathetic.

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