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53 responses to “Angela Deville Let The Flies Babysit”

  1. Sirkissa

    She looks mad that she got caught. POS

    1. Captain Obvious

      Looks like a developing case of methface as well

      1. Earl Berry

        all of you people are sad and need a fucking life. someone makes a mistake and your fast to judge and poke fun. instead of being decent human beings. you fucking make me sick. fucking pricks. your bullies sitting high and mighty with your noses turn up and a fat dick stuff up your asses. not one of you offered her any wisdom nor tried to understand what shes was going through. people like you are the reason kids shoot up schools. people need to learn to be more considerate. those were my children that were lost while I was away working.

        1. Urban Sidhe

          OK I will take the mature road on this one.

          First of all this is a crime blog, not a bad mother support group. Second of all, stop feeding the trolls. What are you getting out of it? I’ll tell you what you are getting out of it, an online foot print because you morons used your actual names… I’ll get to that later. And while I did not go about it in the most mature way I DID give your baby mamma advice, to quit acting like a 13 year old online with her use of grammar. This is actually pretty important and will be addressed later. Also her constant denials “They’re all lying!”, “That’s not what happened!” I listened to the 911 call. It’s heartbreaking to hear YOUR CHILD asking a stranger for help because his mother wasn’t there.

          Mr. Berry where are your kids now? Not with you. They are at another relative’s house. So I can’t imagine your own stability is better than Ms. Deville’s. The biological father is always the first that gets called for custody. Your indignation should not be at us but at your girlfriend who left YOUR children unattended and got them taken away by CPS. We are mad at HER for being stupid.

          Now back to that online footprint and her repeated use of bad shorthand. She is trying to get her kids back. What do you think CPS agents do to check on parents trying to get their kids back? THEY GO TO THE INTERNET!!! This page is near the top and since it’s a blog they know there are comments. If they see the way she is talking like a 13 y.o. they are going to assume she has the maturity level of one. Also, if they see you cussing people out they are going to think you are unstable and fear she might leave them alone with you. Are you getting me?

          Let me tell you a true story. I know a girl when she was 19 make mistakes. She got busted for heavy drug use and check forgery. Her children were with her mother and never in danger. This girl’s custody was stripped completely. Supervised visits only. Her one daughter lives in Houston with her father. This girl is now 24. Turned her life around completely. Stopped using drugs. Got married, is in training to become a manager of a nice restaurant. They are buying a house. Guess where her kids are? Not with her and she still can’t have joint custody or even be alone with her kids.

          Four years she has been fighting it, makes you wonder how long your baby mama will be fighting? Especially when everyone can see the way she acts when she thinks no one is looking.

        2. kimbev69

          You the baby daddy? How many? 1, 2, and the 3rd? So where were you the nite she was shaking her money maker?

  2. Nell Torres

    I hate her meth-smoking child abusing ass. Probably out searching for drugs or selling her body.

    1. ange DeVille

      nvr smoked meth or sold my body !! yes i messed up and i accept Tht …. but at tha end of tha day only god cn judge me , and he is still by my side …. helpin me as im wrkn on gettn my kids bakk ! Thnk yu hve a nice day

      1. Nell Torres

        OH HELL NAW!! Girl you look like you smoke meth for sure! And if you feel it was ok to leave a child alone for any reason…in such a filthy place…then you deserve no kids. Sorry! And wait…you said kids?? You have more??? You should have been sterilized a long time ago…think about the reason why you left your baby alone and then get back to me. You went to shake your ass! SLACK

      2. DodiaFae

        Apparently God is not the only one that can judge you (btw, pretty sure that typing it with a lowercase “g” is considered sacrilegious) because your kids were taken away in the first place.

        Also, I have to agree with Nell on all counts. Leaving your kids home alone is pretty fucked up. If, at any point in your child’s life, getting your groove on is more important to you than their safety, you just don’t deserve them at all.

      3. Sarea Snow ♠ ♡ ♦ ♧

        Trust me fuckeyes, that is not what God is working on.

      4. Shanna

        Really? According to this link ( you were an exotic dancer so if that isn’t selling your body I don’t know what is? But it is a little hard to shake your ass when you are pregnant with your third child at 20 years old. You seriously need to get sterilized ASAP.

      5. Urban Sidhe

        If your grammar is of any evidence, well, I’d say God has already judged you.

        Then there’s that awesome fact of me being a Deist and don’t believe that. As a mother, saying you “made a bad desicion” leaving your child alone in a strange place that is medically unsafe so you can go party is not an excuse. I hope you never see your kid again.

  3. ange deville

    bless all of yall ! i see my kids all of the time talk to them everyday , work a 9 to 5 job , ( not a stripper) dont do drugs !! and i never left to get my “groove” on or “shake my ass” …. and my house wasnt dirty … ( which i have witness for that) yes i am pregnant with my 3rd child … but that is nobdy bussiness ! nothing anny of yall say is goin to hurt me or bring me down bc im doin everything i am supposed to do to get my kids back home with me where they need to be ! yall only make me go 10 times stronger ! thank yu so much ! yall dont know the truth about nothing was yall there ? no , all yu know is what yu herd , which doesnt say much about yall either ! have a great day ! im glad im such a important topic in yur life !

  4. ange deville

    Urban Sidhe , yes i said i made a bad desicion , bc i did ! i did not leave my son in a strange place he was at home ! my house wasnt dirty , all this bullshit they said on the news was NOT TRUE !! and just about everybody that knows me can tell yu that ! so , my house was safe . now , there is no excuse for what i did . i have never tried to make one . at the time i wasnt thinking … honstly i dont know what i was thinkin bc that is not something i would do . i always had my kids with me 24/7 if yu saw me yu saw my kids too ! but it happened and i have came a very long way since july 12 , 2012 .

    i dont feel i owe yu or anybody else on here talkin down about me an explanation , but the reason i pointed yu out and said all this to yu bc yu said yur a mother too . any mother (bad or good ) knows the mothers love for her children . i love my kids to death , i do not think im a bad mother . i made one big bad mistake that i will have to live with for the rest of my life .

    since all this has happened , i have did a complete “360” …. and soon my kids will be comin home where they belong ! it sucks that yall believe what yall hear on the news , but if yall only knew me personaly , before all this happened , (yeh yu wuld be mad , bc hell im mad at myself) . but i know probably 90% of yall wouldnt be sayin the things yall are sayin .

    im not askin for anyone to feel sorry for me or anything … thats not why im writing this …… im writing this bc i have changed and even tho im use to people talkin shyt and all the drama on the internet , i would like for it to stop . not only for me but mainly for my kids .

    yu dont know how it feels when my son gets back from pre-school and he calls me or i go see him and his sister , and he looks at me and says “mama my friend at school said yu was on tv , but i told him yur not bad”

    not something my 4 year old shuld have to go through ! i know its my fault . but its the past and im fixin it , my kids will be home by this time next year . i mean there is no reason for yall or the news to keep it goin !

    1. Urban Sidhe

      Never said I was a mom… No desire to have kids in fact. But I am an aunt. And I love my niece and would have never left her alone at the age of 4. My pot head bi polar brother is more responsible than you! Leaving my dog at home for more than a few hours drives me crazy. Where was your daughter while he was alone, why didn’t you leave your son with whoever you left her with? YOUR STORY DOESN’T MAKE SENSE! Period!

      “As a mother” meaning you. You are a mother and saying “I made a bad decision” will not heal scars left on these kids for being without their mom and living through what you’ve put them through. Did you listen to the 911 call? I did. Your son was there with a stranger who you are DAMN lucky didn’t hurt him. He was scared and he wanted his Mommy. You didn’t show up for hours. Of course you aren’t a bad person to him, he doesn’t know any better.

      I am dead serious about your grammar though. You sound like a fucking retard typing like you are 10. I quit that shit when I was 18. Writing like that shows your immaturity and sets a poor example for your kids. I can’t even tell if you are doing that to look “cute” or “cool” or you are that illiterate. FYI, A 360 is a complete turn meaning you are on the exact same path as when you started. You mean a turn around as in a 180…

      I’ve known girls like you my whole life they almost never change. Have babies they can’t afford and don’t really want to take care of, work the most minimal of jobs and marry a guy as equal of a loser.

      1. ange deville

        i have turned my life around completely ….. i never once said what i did was right , i know it was wrong . and the woman that “raised” me lol …. she didnt raise me our neighbor pretty much did because they beat me and kept me locked in a room all of the time . so i got took from the and my neighbor got me , then i went to go live with my dad . i havent talked to that woman since my mom died 9 years ago . so she doesnt know nothing . and the police reports are bullshit ! we have gotten all that cleared up in court ….. because i wasnt gone for no 4 hours , i was gone for 45 mins , didnt find the cops and all that till about 15 mins later ! so they put a hour on the new police report they wrote out …. they got their information from someone else who lied which is why he got charged with the same thing i did . he story was a lie , they found my story to be more of the truth after they went back and looked on the cameras and all that ! and my daughter went to stay with a family friend for the weekend bc i had just had my gallbladder took out and couldnt lift my daughter or anything so thats why my daughter wasnt there . and my son didnt want to go thats why he was with me ! yes what i did was wrong . i have accepted that and as soon as all this happened i went out got into treatment , takin partenting classes , got a real job ….. savin up money , i see my children all the time . and i will soon have my kids back at home with me ! yu can think bad about me all yu want to , but i know the true story and now so does the court and police . so all that really doesnt matter now .. all that matters is that i am doin what i am supposed to be doin and im fixing my life so my children can have a better life when they come home !
        i dont see how my story dont make sence , but people are goin to believe what they hear anyways !
        all im sayin is yu shouldnt judge a book by its cover , bc in the end what i told the police was/is true and the court found it to be true as well , it wasnt me that was lyin it was the other person …. so with that said sorry you feel the way yu do , but im doin amazing ….. and God is by me 100% of the way ! with out him , i probably wouldnt have made it through all the bull crap i have went thru the last 4 months !
        have a good day !

        1. Urban Sidhe

          Can someone please get this bitch a dictionary and a sixth grade education!

          1. ange deville

            oka bitch , i was trying to be grown about all this ! and yu still want to say some dumb childish shyt …. !
            but yu are really starting to piss me off , with all the shit talking yur doin . for no reason . there aint nothing wrong with the way im spellin ….. get a life , and stay out of mine …. bitch !!!!! since yu want to go callin people out they names !
            because yu so are not worth my time !

            1. Captain Obvious

              In my not so important opinion the best thing you could do if you really have changed is to just keep doing exactly that and improve your life. Yeah, I (and other sites) post potentially embarrassing stuff like this online and you should be embarrassed. I will say that I do believe people can change and I truly hope you have, at the very least for the sake of your child.

            2. DodiaFae

              OhmygoodfuckingGODs, woman… I’m about ready to turn off the notifications to this discussion. Trying to decipher asstard-speak/hoodrat gives me a migraine. I’ve got to side with Urban Sidhe here… you need to go back to school and learn proper English/spelling/grammar. But then again, maybe people are right when they say you can’t fix stupid… your commentary just goes to show that Sidhe is also right about your mothering skills have most likely not improved at all.

            3. Urban Sidhe

              Ok… We will now begin the lesson!

              *Okay / Ok (please note the capitalization)
              *(exclamation mark in the middle of a sentence)
              * (an ellipses is only 3 periods demoting a pause in speech, not what you are doing here)
              *doing / doin’
              *(no space needed before the period)
              *(sentence fragment)
              *(no space needed before the period)
              *(5 periods)
              *(no need of space before comma)
              *(4 periods)
              *(5 exclamation points/ multiple exclamation points is always poor grammar, though tolerated in some circumstances)
              *(no space needed in front of exclamation point)
              *Because (however, this is an independent clause you technically cannot start a sentence this way unless you have a complete thought)
              *(no space needed in front of exclamation point)

              You’re right, as long as you stick to the pole there is no problem with your spelling. Not even Wal-Mart would hire you with something like this, unless you went under their “special” program. I would, however, hire a professional tutor for your kids since you seem to relish your ignorance please don’t drag them down to your knuckle dragging level.

              Anyone want to bet I’m “so not worth [her] time” that she’ll be back to call me all sorts of misspelled expletives?

            4. DodiaFae

              I love this…

            5. Urban Sidhe

              ^ this is a perfect example of an ellipses :)

            6. DodiaFae


            7. ange deville

              i have done everything im supposed . and considering i dont work at a club , there will be no pole needed , thank yu ! i have a very good job actually .
              oh , and my kids are smarter then any other child there age . so yu can leave them out of it . thank yu have a nice life . and cut off yur notifications !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            8. kimbev69

              Just like you left them out of it right? Going clubbing after losing your gallbladder wtf would you even be at a club for and shit on the floor?

            9. kimbev69

              Do you not realize every single word you write is misspelled!? Lmao

    2. kimbev69

      You are a bullshit liar this is the only time you got caught and yes sad as it is they do return kids to horrible druggie moms and dads every single day

  5. Angela DeVille

    thank yu love for takin up for me , but yu shouldnt have even wasted your time on them , bc they have already judged me . but like yu said , we dont need them , right ? we have everything we need in our babies . all that other stuff is for the birds . together me and yu can do anything and our babies will be home soon . i love all 4 of yall !

    1. Angela DeVille

      this was to earl berry !

      1. Captain Obvious

        You’re still making it worse. Urban is correct. Every single person who searches for YOUR name (And now Earl’s) find THIS page and can see you acting like a moron.

    2. Urban Sidhe

      Do yourself a favor and stop… Quit coming back to this page. You are making it worse.

  6. Bee

    Unbelievable! That’s all I have to say.

  7. angela DeVille

    first of all dont talk to the father of my children like he,aint shyt . he takes care of all of his kids . thats what hes talkin ab when he said,yall are,so quick to judge when its not yur place . and i have turned my life completely around , also i nvr said nobody was watchn they are goin to watch everything i do . and i have did everything right since this,happened which is Why when i had my daughter n december the state agreed for her to come home with me and her father … im a very good mother and my kids will b home very soon . if i was a badd mother and on drugs do yu think they would let us bring our baby home with us ??? i think not ….. and once again dont talk to the father of my children like that bc yall do not know him or me thank yu have a good life (( :

    1. DodiaFae

      Oh, dear lord… I have to go take some Excedrin after reading your comments. The complete lack of intelligence hurts my brain.

      Anyone here have an “Idiot-to-English” translator handy? I seem to have misplaced mine…

      1. Captain Obvious

        Right there with you.

        1. Angela Deville

          I do have one last question for yu “captian obvious” do yu really enjoy trying to ruin peoples life ? Yu should relize that people male mistakes … but the things yu hear on tv or whatever is NEVER the truth . Yu wasn’t there when all this happened . So yu really have no idea what went on or how my house looked . If yu would have been there and came n my house and seen it then yu wouldn’t. Have named this blog “angela deville let the flies babysit” so if yu are goin to contiune to write these blogs about people then if I were yu I would make sure yur know excatly what went on and know all the facts before yu post some stuff and try to ruin peoples life . Yes they made have already ruined their life … but yu shouldn’t make it harder on them . Bc everybody isn’t a bad person and nobody deserves this kind of mental abuse . Bc I recently got a better job at a very nice place making very good money and this blog alomst ruined my chances … not bc of what I said or anybody else but bc it has my picture on it and the little story yu wrote …. but luckly God has been by my side and they over looked that bc I have turned my life around and my boss see’s that ! But with that said I do feel so very sorry for yu bc apparently yu are having some problems in yur life to make yu want to talk about other peoples life’s and mistakes . But I guess this is yur job and yu enojoy judgeing people ! Fyi my children are back home and in my custody . I’m sure yu have yur ways of finding that out . But I fogot that yu don’t. Want to blog about the good people do only the bad . So have a nice life all of y’all

    2. kimbev69

      “All his kids” how many baby mamas does good old earl have?

      1. Angela Deville

        That’s nbodys business now is it ? But I will let y’all know that my children are now back in my home , and custody ! Sorry to disapoint y’all . @caption obvious y don’t yu blog that !?

        1. kimbev69

          Thats very upsetting to say the least! We will read about you again in the future i just hope your poor kids survive

          1. Nurse

            This is very destressing and is what is wrong with our system. People make mistakes yes but to leave a four year old alone is a whole lot more than that. It is a miracle that the child was not killed or kidnapped. What if the house had cought on fire. Your child could have died! I really hope that for your children sakes that you have learned your lesson because if you haven’t your child will be the one that suffers. Please read the book “A Silence of Mockingbirds” by Karen Zachairas Please read it so that YOU dont make the same mistakes and lose your child to death.

            We must demand that children are taken care of and not FAILED by the system. And this is most defiantly a failure. It will be on the entire community when these children are killed.

            1. Angela Deville

              Okay , once again my children are not nor will they ever be in any kind of harm again . I’m not a bad mother . And if I was my children would not be back n my custody already . To be honest if I had the time I would read that book just to see what its about . But I’m at work all the time . And when I get off I get my kids off the bus , have to help my son with homework . I help my 2 6r old with her abc’s and writing .. plus I have a 7 month old so I never have time to read . Today is my first day off and I’m relaxing for a while . Anyways my point is don’t none of yu know me personaly y’all do not know what I went thru to get them back . So for yu to say all this stuff and talk ab when my kids die … makes yu sound messed up and stupid bc who does that ? When yu know what yur talking ab then get back to me untill then , don’t worry ab me and my kids . I’m worrying ab them and takin very good care of my children . But I will say thank yu for not being comepletly disrespectful … and sayin a whole bunch of irrelevent bull .

        2. DodiaFae

          What kimbev and Nurse said… I’m horrified. Your kids have been horribly failed by you, then by the system meant to protect kids from horrible parents like you. I’m begging you, please take some parenting classes, pay attention, and do right by your kids. If you don’t take this seriously, the worst could happen. As parents, we’re supposed to want better for our kids than we had. You don’t seem to care about yours, you only wanted them back because you felt your property had been taken from you and that it harmed your rep. The only way to fix your rep is to take good care of your babies. And for heaven sake, please go take a Basic English course while you’re at it. If you speak to your children the way you type, I’m afraid they’re going to sound as ridiculously uneducated as you do.

          1. Angela Deville

            @dodiafae , yu don’t know me at all . Yu do not know how I feel ab my kids yu just like to think yu do . All of yall think y’all know excatly how I feel when yu don’t know nothing about me but some he say she say bs . I wanted my kids. Back bc they are my heart , my world my everything . Without them I was lost now I’m whole again . I got sober , busted my ass to get a good job , goin to school bc I want my kids to have better than I did … yur right every parent should I want that and I will make sure that’s what they get . I’m not doin this for myself I’m doin it for 3 wonderful children that I love dearly . My babies me everything . It has nothing to do with “my property” or “my rep” like I said before yu don’t know me nor do yu know how I feel ab my children or anything for that matter . So who the hell are yu to tell me what I feel . Yu are so clueless its sad . And I will pray for yu tonight sweetie bc I think yu despertly need some help yur self . Anyways with that said y’all. Have a good day and I will contiune to b the best mother to my 3 beautiful children .

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