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39 responses to “Kailee Marie Parker Murdered”

  1. Cynthia McKinney

    She wasn’t murdered!!!! It was an accident dont assume things you dont know anything your sick moron you cant accuse innocent people of wrong doings they loved Kailee

    1. Captain Obvious

      You may not be aware of this email but actually it’s the police that have accused them. Dumb ass.

      1. Morgan

        lol. Heather was once my best friend. I thought she was innocent, but after thinking it over, I began to believe what the police said rather than what the liar said. I never even saw her shed a tear at the baby’s funeral. How odd is that?

    2. Urban Sidhe

      The autopsy disagrees with you. “Multiple blunt force traumas” that didn’t just happen once but over a long drawn out period.

      Yeah, I can see how you can mistake that as an accident.

      1. Captain Obvious


    3. kimbev69

      Are you that stupid or do you abuse your kids too?

      1. Cynthia McKinney

        I’m 12 dumbass, and yes, I do believe it was a murder, but I don’t think Heather did it, I have never seen her abuse Kailee, and I was around her a lot, If anyone, Eric did it, and FYI, Dumbasses, I didn’t know the autopsy report. ;) Have a nice life. And stop hating 12 year olds, pathetic.

        1. kimbev69

          12??? Get off the fucking internet you little brat you shouldnt even be on this site defending child abusers and murderers! Does your momma know you have a mouth like u do and u were hanging out with killers

          1. Cynthia

            My mother is dead. And yes, but are you also aware half of Facebook is most likely children? Hah, I knew a 7 year old on Facebook. And go ahead, call me whatever you would like to, it doesn’t bother me. I am not defending child abusers and murderers, thank you very much. I stand up for what I believe in, if that’s wrong, go ahead and put me in jail too. Would you or would you not (If you were 12) believe that your oldest sister was not guilty? If she is sent to prison I will never see her again, think about how hard that is for a minor. Thanks, have a nice day.

            1. Captain Obvious

              Sorry to hear that about your mother. As far as half of Facebook my children weren’t allowed on until 13. Just because other people are liars and pieces of shit doesn’t mean I’ll teach my children to behave that way.

        2. Captain Obvious

          Are you aware that it’s against the Facebook terms of service for you to even have an account? Your parents must be great allowing you to lie in order to set up an account.

    4. kimbev69

      You are 12 and posing like that for facebook pics which btw you are too young by law to even be on

  2. Morgan
  3. stephanie and cliff

    I totally agree. I hope you two Heather and Eric rot in hell for what yal did to baby Kailee. Her biological father CLIFF PARKER is my boyfriend. Heather treated him wrong during all this. She told him if he went to funeral home she would have him escorted out. She was his daughter also how you gonna treat him that way. And in obituary she mention the one that beat her as her step father and didn’t mention anything about her father. Then he call funeral home and ask to have his name put in obituary and that bitch tell him Heather wanted it that way and refused to list him as her father. Well Heather and Eric KARMA a bitch and it bit yal in the ass. I hope if they don’t kill yal in jail the courts give yal the lethal injection and make yal suffer like yal made Kailee suffer if not worse. RIP KAILEE DADDY LOVES YOU AND WILL BE WITH YOU AGAIN ONE DAY.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t know what to believe , I think it’s FUCKED UP that she didn’t let Cliff come to the Viewing ITS HIS CHILD. What the fuck? I Heather didn’t even show any emotion at the funeral? I miss KAILEE! SHE WILL GET JUSTICE!

  5. stephanie and cliff

    Yeah anonymous I said the same thing to her. She was his baby too. She just downgraded him and talked a bunch of shit to him. We did go to graveside that afternoon though. Karma is getting her for the way she treated him. I think she might of been a little jealous because he has moved on with his life with me even though she wouldn’t admit that bc I told her she will have to get used to us being together. Anyway she hurt him so bad by threatening to have him escorted out if he showed up for funeral and that’s so wrong. It just tore him up inside but she getting hers. RIP KAILEE. DADDY LOVES YOU AND MISSES YOU SO MUCH. And justice will be served.

    1. Melyssa Allen

      FYI for future reference, by law anyone can attend a funeral unless the owner of the funeral home notifies police that you are tresspassing, which isn’t likely.

  6. stephanie and cliff

    Also look at the pic of her at the top of this page. She has bruises on both of her arms if you look closely you can see them.

  7. Nell Torres

    They both look like evil pricks.

    1. Captain Obvious

      My thoughts exactly.

  8. Nell Torres

    I cannot believe these two monsters actually have defenders. They are evil, possessed shit-for-brains zombies who lack the human factor to love children adequately. This child has obvious bruises on her arms, probably from being grabbed and jerked around by these hideous fucks. How can this be? The child had multiple injuries, we can only imagine the pain she was in, poor thing. Momma dearest couldnt even fake a tear at the funeral! I hop these two prize-winning child abusing morons get what they deserve…a bullet to the forehead right on the courthouse steps. smh

  9. Karen Chatman

    These mfkers need the death penalty… not by lethal injection they dont deserve to go peacefully… they need to FRY

  10. Dwell

    If we’d start hanging & executing people more people would start cherishing life more. That’s some sad shit

  11. Cynthia McKinney

    You don’t know WHAT happened, so all of you SHUT THE HECK UP. And you don’t know what Cliff did, or has done, unless you are in the family. I will stick with Heather through and through, because she IS MY SISTER and SHE WOULD DIE BEFORE HURTING KAILEE. I miss Kailee so much, and if this was a murder, God will foresee that the one who did this IS PUNISHED. But I can tell you RIGHT NOW THAT HEATHER ISN’T RESPONSIBLE! Heather didn’t abuse cliff, you retard, he abused her, and the reason you are spreading these lies is because he’s a filthy liar hun. I may be 12 but I am mature for my age! Don’t assume things you don’t know, and if you do, God will punish you. If anything Eric did it, Heather was an amazing person, even though she may have done some things, she was the best big sister I will ever have, and if she is sent to jail for the rest of her life I will never see her again, losing my niece was hard enough, now you want me to lose my sister too? I hope you rot in Hell for that.

    1. kimbev69

      The best thing ever? Please at the very least she “allowed” this piece of shit to kill her daughter and thats how little you feel about your niece!? Grow up little girl before you end up in a cell with her

      1. Cynthia

        Oh yes, I’ll be in a cell with her, since I’m totally not underage. Please, you didn’t know her for your whole life,(As I did.) and oh no, I’m 12 not completely brain dead, I know what that means.

    2. kimbev69

      Also sweety the abuse your niece suffered was long term do u even know what that means?

  12. kimbev69

    Poor baby got grabbing type bruises on her arms and these fucktards are defending her

  13. cheree

    ok. I have a 3 year old with Eric and I have
    other kids that isn’t his and he NEVER hurt them n any kind of way!!! They LOVED him!!! So I know for a FACT Eric wouldn’t ever do anything!!!!!! oh and btw they need to be investigating the ppl who had her b4!!!!

    1. Captain Obvious

      Have they been to court yet. I don’t believe I’ve kept up with this case.

      1. Urban Sidhe
    2. Melyssa Allen

      There are plenty of men, women, babysitters, parents ans so on that have been great around other children and yet have gone on to kill one. Maybe he did love yours and others but he sure as hell didn’t love the baby he killed!

  14. nurse

    Cynthia, I am very sorry that you have had a hard life. I understand that you do not want to believe that your sister that you love could ever hurt a child little on her daughter but the FACTS ARE THAT EVEN IF SHE DID NOT TOUCH HER DAUGHTER. By allowing this man to hurt her child not once but multiple times she is GUILTY OF MURDER just as much as the monster that physically hurt her. You need some counciling to help you deal with everything you have been through and I pray you get it. As for the girl friend or the dad, while it is awful that she did not allow him to be at her service is that really what is important here. And the ex of this murder, you need to wake up and smell the coffee, and take yiur kids for a throw evaluation with a doctor that speaciales in abuse. I pray u are right and he did not hurt you child but that does not make him less guilty. We must do better by our children.

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