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32 responses to “Updated – Villa Rica HS Secretary Accused of Having Sex With Students”

  1. bnh

    damn mrs.hammons i actually thought u were cool and wouldnt do shit like that, o well thats ur fuck up, and you made a poor ass decsion ,…. i thought i heard mrs,lowe talking crap about the cheerleading COACH o.O

  2. Jo

    Arrested?  Ridiculous.  All she did was give those lucky boys something they badly wanted.

    1. Captain Obvious

      That’s a pretty fucked-up attitude. Had it been a coach sleeping with female students you would be crying for his fucking head.

  3. sherri

    She is sick in the head. Not only for this but shortly after this she started having an affair with a 32 yr old MARRIED man and broke up a family of 6. 4 kids left without their daddy and she shows no remorse. She is proud!!!
    She is also addicted to adipex and xanax. Sick.sick.sick!!!

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