Happy New Year from Captain Obvious!



I have to say it’s been a hell of a year.

I moved the site here from my old one shortly before 2010 started last year due to various reasons, changing from Movabletype to WordPress in the process and bringing along all my old posts from the last ten years or so. While I am still only getting about 10% of the traffic I was generating at my old site I still think it was the right decision. Some of the lack of traffic over the last six months has more to do with my personal life anyway.

My father passed away back at the end of July and my activity on the site has been hit and miss ever since. I want to thank everyone here, particularly Deena who has posted several stories in my absence as well as those of you who send me links to stories and keep visiting daily. You too April! Keep ‘em coming. I know I don’t always get them up in a timely manner but one of my resolutions for the new year is to at least start posting more regularly even if I can’t get quite as many stories up. While I have had a few days where I have managed to write several stories, the last six months have mostly consisted of me ignoring the site entirely. For that I am apologize, some days I just didn’t give a shit. Hell, I don’t even get on Facebook or Twitter very often anymore. I have two Facebook accounts, one a personal account and another for this site. I don’t think I have even logged into my Shell Scott account since the end of July. I am sure I have a couple thousand messages there I probably need to check and answer.

Anyway, here are a few stats and stories from the last year if you are interested.

By far the busiest day here at Sick Crimes was July 30th, the day prior to my father’s death. That’s a weird coincidence I hadn’t noticed before now. Anyway that was the day after Marcy Elliott was found murdered in Carrollton, GA. It was a local story for me and one I wouldn’t think would get that kind of traffic.

As far as the busiest posts for the year here are a couple of them:

Patrick Poteat Brutally Strangled his Wife. This was the busiest post this year both in traffic as well as in the comments. Emotions flared quite often and I still occasionally get comments on this post an entire year after I put it up.

Colondra Hamilton Was Really Autoerotic. Not a huge story but it was sort of weird and all over the Internet.

There are quite a few more stories that we posted throughout the year, you can find them in the archives. Heavily trafficked posts which got nary a comment as well as those that didn’t garner much traffic but obviously affected the emotions of those who stopped by and comments.

Here’s to hoping you all have a wonderful New Year and are able to accomplish everything you attempt for yourself.

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