Skank enslaves/abuses 4 children


This one is for my girl, April from Bad Breeders, thanks for the tip. 

Meet Noemi “I’m a skank” Ramos, 40, who is facing human trafficking and child abuse charges after deputies say she forced 4 children into servitude, including forcing one to prostitute herself for drugs and money.    What the fuck is wrong with the world today? 

A sheriff’s office investigation revealed that Ramos forced the children to purchase drugs on her behalf, if they refused they were beaten and emotionally abused.  Her choice of items to use while inflicting her physical abuse…. are you ready for it… broomsticks, hangers and in atleast one instance a hammer.  A FUCKING HAMMER… are you kidding me!  She went so far as to urinate on one of the children as a form of punishment as well… further proving she is a nasty fucking bitch! 

According to reports there were periods where the children had no food or were threatened to have food withheld if they misbehaved, sounds like just about anything in this bitch’s eyes was misbehaving.  She used the food money for drugs instead… well that’s just shocking.  She has been ordered to have no contact with the children… well thank the lord for that. 

Nothing in any of the articles or reports state her relationship to the children, as soon as I find out I will update.  All that really matters to em in this case is that some stupid skank thought that children were to be used as slaves and for her personal gain.  Stupid bitch… should rot!

UPDATED – (   thanks Capt.

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21 responses to “Skank enslaves/abuses 4 children”

  1. Captain Obvious

    According to the Ft. Myers News-Press ( they were her four daughters and the 32-page arrest warrant detailed some of the nastiness.

    • Noemi Ramos posted pictures of her teen daughter on the Internet, looking for potential clients who would trade sex for money to feed their mother’s prescription drug addiction.

    • Her four daughters told detectives that they often went hungry. One opened a pantry in search of food and found what she thought was sugar — only to learn it was cocaine.

    • Ramos molested her daughters and touched herself as the girls watched.

    • She told the girls that she had pulled them from trash bins as infants, and now wished them dead.

    • She beat them with cords, cut them with glass and used a hammer to hit one girl in the head and another on the fingers.

    1. Deena

      OMG… the article April shared with me did not have any of that info. WTF!

      1. Captain Obvious

        It looks like they just updated the story shortly after midnight, the other one may not have had the info yet.

  2. Southern Lady

    How old were these children?

    1. Deena

      It doesn’t say the ages of all of them, only that one is 15 and apparently she is the one that was prostituted.

    2. Deena

      It doesn’t say the ages of all of them, only that one is 15 and apparently she is the one that was prostituted.

    3. Deena

      her children, ages 9 to 20, were beaten and deprived of food for reluctance to buy drugs for Ramos, forced to allow men and their mother to molest them, urinated on, and made to feign sickness to extort money from their father

  3. April

    I fucking hate this whore. Thanks for posting this here, Deena. I haven’t had the stomach to write it up. *puke*

    1. Deena

      anything for you my friend… but i have to tell you her family is defending her and saying the kids’ fathers put them up to saying these things to try and get custody….

      but that she does have a painkiller addiction. you know the same ol same ol BS they all spew!

      1. April

        Where are they posting that shit?  Whay is it that when one of these cunts abuses a kid, no one defends the kid.  Never mind…. I guess that’s why WE’RE here. 
        Damn…. I’m craving a srimp burrito.  This no carb thing is killing me.  3 more pounds and I will be at my goal.

        1. Deena

          I read it on DD, they had it posted there that they family was defending her.

          I do low card too lost 40 lbs since Feb.

          1. April

            I got the shrimp burrito.  It was yummy.  But I hit the stairs this morning at 4.  I did 40 flights, was sweating like a pig, and could barley walk.  I have to stop punishing myself.

            1. Deena

              yeah.. I am quite sure 1 shrimp burrito did not effective your HOT ASS that much. it’s ok to treat yourself… jeez life is to short!

              besides your hot and you know it!

            2. April

              It was yummy and I want another one.

            3. Deena

              glad u enjoyed it… now I’m craving one thx. but I think me and my sister are going for arabic food Fri. for lunch. Yummy1

            4. April

              Mmmmm.  I going for Persian today.

            5. Deena

              Never had Persian… I’m not sure if there are even any Persian Rest. around here

            6. April

              Persian is yummy.  You should see if you can find one.

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