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12 responses to “Atlanta Police Officer Arrested For Beating Up His Girlfriend”

  1. Myoasis22

    Captain Obvious this is Terence Alexander.  You have no clue what you are talking about.  I was arrested but I was the one who was attacked by the girl.  I have never in my entire life hit a female.  The girl I was seeing told me that she was 25.  The only creep is you for saying what you are saying over the internet.  Real men talk to men in their face when they have something to say not hiding behind a computer screen.  I was fired in 2005 because the woman I arrested is the sister in law of former Georgia governor Roy Barnes. Also this is Georgia and I am a black man and she is you guessed it, white. I was reinstated because when the truth came out and the independant witnesses spoke out it was proven that none of that stuff that was said against me was the truth.  Yes they gave here $350,000 that was because she was very well connected politically.  I have never in my life had a warrant for my arrest, only a sumbag like yourself would post false information about someone without checking for the facts.  Get a life and stop basing your life around what the media says. Everyone with any sense knows the media makes up the news and only wants to put fear in people like you sweetheart and control minds. I have 25 award letters for the police and community work that I have done including an award from the mayor of Atlanta.  There are hundreds of people that are grateful for me as I save lives.  Sorry but politics are not in my job description I save lives I don’t beg for votes.  The only thing sick on here is your fake article.  You don’t know me or anything about me.  Grow a pair and let’s talk like rational men, face to face.  

    1. Jeanelle Lane

       Captain Obvious is subject to news sites just like the rest of us. In fact the article is still up at with the same information. Do you really think he’s going to call you can say “Hey, did you really beat up your girlfriend?” No… He’s not. But all I’m reading is that it was everyone’s fault but your own. What the hell were you doing with a girl that could be your daughter? Even better, why are you trolling a website with a blog that’s nearly 2 years old? Guess what? There’s a little “contact” button at the corner. You could have written a polite message in private and asked to have it removed.

  2. hawaiinbarbie

    Terence I never told you I was 25. Im now just seeing this shit on here. Wtf who are you trying to impress. You hit me first n tried to hurt me. And I still didnt press charges. you getting on here saying all this. You were jealous n angry all the time

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