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38 responses to “Woodstock Men Arrested For Rape”

  1. Rachelricochet

    I woke up to a texted this morning saying that one of my exes was arrested!!!
    I google it and whatdoyaknow!?
    I dated Yancey Tanner for a while a couple years ago. I know he had to go to rehab and institutions but i never thought he’d go this far.
    This really scares me… I don’t evem know what to feel right now

  2. Krystal Goff

    Aha I’m one of Yancey’s ex girlfriends as well.
    Always figured he’d end up getting caught for SOMETHING he was doing.
    It’s really about time.

    1. Max

      Yancey has been convicted since April 2011 and he is now registered as a sex offender.

  3. jon

    I used to go to school with Yancey freshman year I never even thought he talked to girls lol

  4. Lemondropkid

    I hope the scumbags get their due…jail justice (hopefully) will prevail at the very least…

  5. chrisy

    im the same
    i dated him when we were in middle school and dwe recently reconnected through fb band started txting, i can honestly say he scared me when we recently talked
    but idk what to feel
    i knew he was pretty messed up but this is a little much

  6. Rachelricochet

    who thinks they did it, and who thinks it’s just a lie?

  7. Krystal Goff

    I think the girls probably agreed to it and changed their mind after it was all over.
    I dated Yancey from February of this year to April. Even then he wasn’t the type of person that would legitimately rape someone. He’s just not going to say no if it’s offered.

  8. Captain Obvious

    That may be the case but the problem is that as far as the law or anyone else is concerned, when you sleep with a 14-year-old that makes you a child molester. My daughter is 13 and is some scum-bucket tried to sleep with her I would feel obligated to cut his fucking head off.

    1. concerned

      and yes, if they knew she was 13 that is wrong. the girls said they were both 17 and only one night at yanceys apt when they were walking around and a cop that was driving thru stopped and asked them for their ID and ran them was the lie exposed, parents called and the state took over and prosecuted. and it is 15 and under the laws are different so he got 5 counts of stat rape for she was 5 years under him. She tried to tell the judge it was consensual but the state didnt want to hear it, they said she wasnt capable of making that decision.

  9. Krystal Goff

    Oh of course, I’m not making excuses for him whatsoever. I just know a ridiculous number of underage girls who are willing to throw themselves at older guys so they feel like their boyfriend “loves” them.
    It’s still his fault for not being able to control himself enough to say no.

  10. Manifestashley

    Wow what a distgusting piece of shit, please go look at the youtube vid “the yancey” to see the real yancey. this is a video of him at his place in woodstock enjoy :D

  11. Captain Obvious

    You’re unfortunately too right about some girls on that account.

  12. Krystal Goff

    I’m definitely the one that took that video. and yes. he does act like that. alllll the time.

  13. Marcusstatenpost

    this shits crazy. I went to boarding school in Alabama with that kid. he was a pain but never thought this.. That aint right. Hope somebody rough him up.

  14. Guest

    i knew this guy for almost a year. this is so messed up and i can’t get it out of my head. everyone knew he was always sick but i never thought he could be capable of something so especially henious. i feel bad for the parents, they are good people and they cared alot about Yancey. they we’re just naiive. i hope he’s exposed as a sex offender in jail.

  15. Ann

    I think they’re guilty as the day is long.

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