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18 responses to “Have You Seen Elva Diaz?”

  1. The Truth

    Please help find the killer of Rachel Elliottt, and the killer of Kody Quinn Williams.
    Both teenagers from Orland, Ca. Kody's story can be found here at:

  2. big mike (;

    haha(: mother fucker thass my mom !!

  3. Captain Obvious

    Guess that really makes you a son of a bitch.

  4. michaeldiazcruz

    wtf she had one kid michael diaz cruz bitch !! thass mee !! ill kill yu all to :)

  5. Captain Obvious

    If your age is right on your Myspace page that would have made her 13 when you were born. Pretty fucking sad.

  6. The Truth

    I find it amazing that Elva Diaz's name shows up on a website and the “friends and family” are right there running their mouth. Elva, you can't run forever. I,m sure your going to try. You can't. You know you can,t. You might as well do your time..Then you have life to live afterward…unlike Rachel. You don't turn yourself in..then you will be looking behind you everyday.
    Then you got this loudmouth Michael Diaz Cruz stating “ill kill yu all to :)”
    Your kid or just another internet idiot, who knows, but an idiot non the less.
    Elva, look behind you…sleep not…for your name is getting to thousands every week…It's not going away…Never.

  7. The Truth

    It seems as if Elva Diaz could be working at the Hi-Liter Gentleman's Club in Phoenix, AZ. Word is she was last seen there. It's time for her playtime to end.

  8. dmk3481

    Every1 needs to grow up ppl make mistakes I knw Elva Personally

    1. Captain Obvious

      And your point is what? Is that supposed to make her look better because really all it does is make you look like an ass.

    2. FatLucy

      Killing someone while knowing that you are inebriated is NOT a mistake. She knew exactly what she was doing. And that “son” of hers claiming he will kill everyone… idiot just like your stupid mother!! I guess the apple does not fall far from the tree. I hope you never get your license!!

      1. Code6charlz1185

        Your all lame…justice was served an Elva will be home shortly. A jury of your peers felt what she did was an accident. So as for all your comments..don’t mean shit to anyone but yourselves.

  9. Mgonzalez0979

    Im glad to noe that one jury had a heart to let everyone noe she made a accident n shes not gonna be sentence that long, soon she will be with her loved ones…

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