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73 responses to “Updated – Kourtney “Joy” Babcock Arrested For Sex With Two 12-Year-Old’s”

  1. Marc

    Whats happening with this pedo these days? Did she get a slap on the wrist????

  2. Marc

    Whats happening with this pedo these days? Did she get a slap on the wrist????

  3. Captain Obvious

    Pretty much. As far as I know she hasn't been to court yet. After you asked I stopped by her Facebook and notice she says she's getting married, but she posted this comment:

    ” For those of you think i'm lying about my wedding you can just forget it.. becuz im' not… and i could care less what u say.. if u think ima liar than just remove me from your friends i've already blocked some of you becuz i'm tired of your bullshit”

    I don't know about you but this tells me even her friends think she's full of shit and drama if she assumes they aren't going to believe her.

  4. Marc

    Thanks for the update – if you hear anything else please let me know. She needs a serious wakeup call – she seems to be going about as if nothing has happened.

  5. Marc

    Hay FYI –

    Shes got multiple facebooks, under a number of names, but this is the most interesting ones:

    In one of his slutty bra pics, she admits to getting banged by sum dude in the backseat of a car while other dudes watched on 17/2/2010. That guy is apparently 15.

  6. Captain Obvious

    Damn, thanks. Hadn't found that one. I don't guess there's anything wrong with being a little sexually active but crap, this girl's a slut.

    1. Urban Sidhe

      According to that FB page she got 20 years.

      1. Captain Obvious

        Good for her.

  7. April

    Ummmmm – define slut….. Um not sure if I'm offended or not.

  8. Captain Obvious

    That's OK. I was a slut of sorts as well, but I think there is a line there somewhere and Kourtney has crossed it :)

  9. April

    Whew. I was thinking… and then I was like… well, maybe…. I dunno….. then I just had to ask. I may be more of a freak than a slut. I don't even know that freak is the right term. I am a girl who knows what I want, I know how to get it, and I am not afraid to make demands.

  10. Captain Obvious

    It's not the same thing anyway. I don't think so anyway, but what the hell do I know.

  11. April

    Ok. Good to know. It has been brought to my attention that I may not be a slut, but am an irrational bitch instead. Just ask Trevor Tard.

  12. Marc

    According to 'Dead Kids of Myspace' she plead guilty yesterday to two counts….. booya!

  13. Captain Obvious

    Thanks Marc, just updated the post.

  14. Marc

    I see babcocks buddy, the one who posted up the photos of her smoking weed is having some conversations with her today on her facebook about how stoned kourtney got last night and some incriminating photos taken last night.

    Also making light of screwing up her chances with someone called 'jacob' who sounds like he may be underage as well?!/kourtneyjb?r

    When the hell is this piece of filth going to be taken down?

  15. Rae

    I totally don't want to excuse what Kourtney did by any means but I think the immature bashing and the stalker posts by these bloggers should know a few facts. Kourtney did not grow up in a stable happy family- she had a horrible upbringing with drug addicted and abusive parents. She was placed in foster care with her elderly grandmother on her father's side who was also known for being abusive. Her sisters and her grew up wild and uncontrollable- constantly fighting and beating each other up. As the youngest I can imagine she had to fight to survive. I would not be surprised if her mentality stopped at age 12 if not younger. Iowa calls her a “woman” but if she were 18 she'd still be a “child” and she still is a child. No one taught her how to be an adult, she had no one to look to. Kourtney suffers from serious mental illnesses that have not been addressed by doctors even when she was right under their noses. As much as I am sickened and saddened by what Kourtney did I am even more disturbed by how many of you obsess over her life and feel the need to search for her hidden profiles and read through her posts. Do none of you have a life of your own? I guess the maturity level is not just low on Kourtney but with all of you as well.

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